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Since the inception of DiGiCo in 2002, we have developed a simple system approach for our products. This incorporates an integrated audio engine, operating system and dual power supplies combined within the console worksurface, a digital snake and remote control studio quality pre amps. This increases reliability and alleviates the need for multiple, complex connections. DiGiCo is famed for utilising the latest digitally driven touch screen technology providing a clear and instantly tactile user interface.



Put a rocket in your DiGiCo console

DiGiCo's range of mixing consoles already sets the world standard. The implementation of a Stealth Core 2 upgrade will take take them into the stratosphere. Über-friendly in use, a Stealth Core 2 upgrade delivers even a barrage of enhancements that will keep your investment safe well into the future.


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Take the time to see what our users say about DiGiCo...

I have used a lot of the digital consoles out there and my preference is DiGiCo. I picked the D1 for this tour because of the audio quality and ergonomics of the desk, and because of the desks small footprint. The richness of the bottom end and the clarity of the top end is something I have not found in other digital consoles.

Seth Kendall - Monitor Engineer - The Smashing Pumpkins

I would say sonically, the SD8 is the best digital desk I have used yet. It just does not have that bite that you have to battle with a lot of EQ. It has a very smooth sound.

Derek Brener - FOH Engineer - Bruno Mars

With the SD10, I can achieve what I need to without compromise because the console architecture does not hold me back.

Kevin Brown - Monitor Engineer - Outkast

I cannot think of any other desk that could have handled the number of inputs and outputs. The console makes it so effortless. And the ergonomics make it so easy for us both to access and utilize everything so well.

Adam Robinson - Monitor Engineer - Chris Brown

There are features they have that, from a monitor engineer’s point of view, I have not seen on any other desk. It is great to have the ability to move the faders to any bank on the desk. I can have outputs next to inputs and control groups completely customised, all of which means complete flexibility.

Oliver Waring - Monitor Engineer - The Cranberries

The combination of DiGiCo SD10-24 consoles with Rack sharing at the input stage, combined with our Martin MLA compact system and digital Dante returns, enabled us to present an incredibly compact and quality audio system for a one truck tour with limited budget.

Paul Timmins - Capital Sound
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