CSD5 : Full-On D5 Digital Console

CSD5 : Overview

The CS-D5 Live digital mixing system provides the full, extensive feature set of the D5 Live, with the exception of the optical I/O, creating a D5 Live at a price point that’s competitive with more basic consoles.


The CS-D5 software gives you unparalleled flexibility in configuring your console precisely to suit the show. The control surface consists of three input sections, each with their own dedicated touch screen, 8 faders and 6 individually selectable bank swithces. Allowing multiple user operation. The master section, has its own touch screen, with 16 Faders plus master and two lots of selectable bank switches for instant access to Groups, Auxes, Matrix and Control Groups.


The Engine itself is integral to the console worksurface, it's internal busses can be set up as mono or stereo auxiliaries and mono or stereo or surround busses (the console is fully 5.1-ready as well as for LCR(S), with three joystick surround sound panners for instant sound placement). And you can instantly select a basic set-up for either front-of-house or monitor mixing.
All D5 systems includes the digital effects card which allows you to run up to six digital effects per channel simultaneously, including dedicated reverb algorithms, flanging, phasing, double tracking, vocoder, delays, dynamics, compression and equalisation for up to 7.1 surround sound outputs and up to twelve 28 band graphic equalisers.
It also includes 32 Insertable Processing Channels, each complete with 6 bands of fully parametric equalisation, a fully featured compressor / limiter and digital delay of up to 510 milliseconds.
In a complete house-and-monitor D5 Live system, Gain Tracking™, a world first for DiGiCo, allows either console operator to change any input gain without affecting the sound balance on either console - Gain Tracking™ is selectable on each channel independently on each console.


The CS-D5 has four MADI connections with a factory fit option for Optical. This allows a combination of up to four of any DiGiCo I/O Racks to be used with the console. Thus, giving the ability to connect up to 224 inputs and 224 Outputs.


The following options are available:

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CSD5 : Brochure

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