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Set Yourself Free With The DiGiCo S-Series App

Set Yourself Free With The DiGiCo S-Series App

April 2017 / For Immediate Release

The new DiGiCo S App is the perfect way to control your DiGiCo S-Series console straight from your Apple iPad. Designed to be compatible with DiGiCo's S21 and S31, it allows remote, wireless control of any DiGiCo S-Series mixing console wherever you are.

The DiGiCo S App permanently displays an overview of the console layout, so you can select any available console bank and have the same user-friendly operation you are already familiar with, without being tied to your console.
What you can control:

• Channel Setup - +48V, polarity, analogue gain, digital trim, channel delay, insert points on/off, meters
• Mix – channel label, pan, mute, solo, fader level, meters
• EQ – 4 band EQ plus HPF/LPF
• Dynamics – all dynamics parameters for all console dynamics modes
• Auxes – auxiliary send levels, on/off, auxiliary pans
• Buss Routing – assignment of channels to busses
• Snapshots – insert new, recall, update, delete
• Matrix – sends, on/off, matrix input labels
• Graphic EQ – 32 faders and on/off for each unit, flatten all bands
• Save Session
• There is also an overview mode for selecting the Bank that you wish to control. Tap the arrow down symbol in the top right corner of the main view
• Connection details can be saved for different devices
• Aux Select buttons can (optionally) activate the Solo function for the relevant Aux Channels. Tap the Aux Menu button a second time to activate/deactivate this function.
The DiGiCo S App requires V1.4+ of the S-Series console software and the iPad connection must be configured on the console. It is not compatible with earlier versions of S-Series software.

Press Contacts:

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