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DiGiCo Sets Out Its Stall For NAMM 2018

DiGiCo Sets Out Its Stall For NAMM 2018

November 2017 / For Immediate Release

To cater for the NAMM Show’s diverse audience, UK digital live console manufacturer DiGiCo will be showing a selection of its ground-breaking products including the flagship SD7, the latest compact powerhouse SD12, the highly flexible SD9 and from the S-Series, the cost-effective S31.

DiGiCo’s SD Series will be familiar to anyone who uses mixing consoles, with the SD7 retaining its positon as the most powerful console on the market, delivering a whopping 256 processing paths at 48kHz/96kHz (or 128 at 192kHz), whilst the lightweight, multi-application SD9 finds itself equally suited to life on the road or as part of any fixed installation.

Familiar or not, these two stalwarts of the mixing world are worth taking another look at during the NAMM show, as are two of DiGiCo’s newer consoles, the SD12 and S31, which bring an added edge to the ever-changing world of digital mixing. 

The SD12 is the culmination of 15 years of experience and encapsulates the best features of both the SD and S Series. Utilising the latest generation of Super FPGA, it is compact in size, but truly delivers on power and capability.

With dual 15-inch digital touchscreens providing 24 channels in one view, dual operator mode and the ability for the right-hand screen to be the Master, as well as advanced connectivity via optional DMI cards, the SD12 maintains an easy workflow for anyone working in live touring, corporate, installation, House of Worship, theatre or broadcast.

The SD12 features 72 input channels with full processing, 36 aux/group busses with full processing, a 12 x 8 matrix with full processing, LR/LCR buss with full processing, 12 stereo FX units, 16 Graphic EQs, 119 Dynamic EQs, 119 multiband compressors and 119 DiGiTuBes, 12 Control Groups (VCA) and SD Series Stealth Core 2 software, making it compatible with all other SD Series sessions.

The S31 meanwhile, brings power and practicality in compact form – in fact, it is small enough to fit in the back of an average sized car.

The S31’s three 10-inch, multi-touch touch screens with 10 channel strips per screen for faster access and more visual feedback. It is ideally suited to applications where more instant control and feedback are critical to the operator. 

The S31 still offers the same flexibility as its smaller sibling the S21, with 24 Mic inputs and 12 Line outputs on the rear of the console for straightforward audio connection. There are also two DMI ports as standard, as well as a UB MADI interface for DAW recording. Plus, with the latest DMI-MIC card offering an additional eight mic pre-amps, any S Series console can be beefed up to a total of 40 mic inputs directly on the console surface.

“The S Series and specifically the S31, are proving to be an incredibly popular option for smaller scale live productions and permanent installations,” says DiGiCo’s general manager Austin Freshwater. “ And the NAMM show is the ideal arena for live engineers to get hands on with the S31 along with our SD range of high performance live consoles.”

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