DiGiCo Digital Mixing Consoles

Software Engineer

Contract Type: Permanent / Full Time

Based in Chessington, we are looking for a Software Engineer to work in our Research & Development team.


Our mixing consoles can perform complex audio processing and mixing on hundreds of simultaneous audio channels with very low latency. To do this they have very high speed audio engines implemented in hardware and firmware.  There is a sophisticated user interface implemented using graphics, touch and a range of electromechanical controls; and in between the user interface and the audio engine is a sophisticated application which drives the console. You will be involved in the development of those applications and the user interfaces.


  • Working with product specialists to define new features and functionality
  • Taking ownership of the development of a new feature or function and developing the code
  • Working with product specialists during development to get the look and feel and sound right
  • Unit testing and shadow acceptance testing your own code
  • Diagnosing bug reports and developing resolutions
  • Working with colleagues to evolve and improve our development, integration and test environments
  • Working with colleagues to evolve and improve the structure of our codebases



  • An excellent software engineer with an ability to take requirements through to high-quality code and supporting documentation through a systematic process of design, coding and test
  • Proficient in at least one object-oriented language: we use C++ and Object Pascal extensively
  • Proficient in at least one GUI framework: we use Qt and Delphi extensively
  • Used to working with communications protocols and accessing interfaces via the operating system: we use Windows and Linux
  • Able to explain and discuss complex subjects effectively through excellent verbal and written communication skills: our working language is English
  • Able to work effectively in a team, sharing ideas, problem solving as a group and providing and accepting constructive peer review
  • Able to produce high quality software to a deadline by working with colleagues to manage scope and dependencies effectively
  • Able to manage your time and priorities effectively on a day-to-day basis within a wider team workflow and set of objectives and milestones
  • Mathematically fluent
  • Interested in, and willing to learn about, audio signal processing

For a full Job Specification and salary range, or to forward a CV and letter of application, please contact careers@digiconsoles.com