• Digital Consoles for
    Live Sound

    DiGiCo consoles are chosen the world over because of their superb sonic performance, combined with ease of use and proven road reliability.

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  • Digital Consoles for HOW

    Houses of Worship require a console solution that provides extreme versatility, is easy to use and has an expandable infrastructure, whilst still providing the best possible audio quality.

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  • Digital Consoles for Broadcast

    Broadcast facilities from the UK to Australia rely on DiGiCo consoles to provide a cost effective solution with enough busses to cope with the most demanding level of submixes and output destinations.

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  • Digital Consoles for Theatre

    Theatre sound mixing is subtly different from other forms of mixing and DiGiCo has consoles that has been specifically adapted for this purpose. As used by Mama Mia, We Will Rock You, Dirty Dancing and many more.

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Digital Mixing Consoles for Live Sound, Theatre and Broadcast

Since 2002, DiGiCo consoles have increasingly become THE choice for professional engineers the world over.

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Client Testimonials

"When I heard the mix feed in the more controlled environment of the broadcast truck, it sounded fantastic!"

Andrew ‘Baggy’ Robinson - George Michael

"DiGiCo consoles have certainly found their niche within the professional touring community. Everybody loves how they make our PA sound all thanks to the quality sound of the DiGiCo console and the British pre-amps. Once they experience that, they fall in love."

Mike Borne - Allstar Audio

"Once I got the full orchestra in for the initial soundcheck, I had the console up and running in 15 minutes. We then threw in the cast for a complete run-through and I had the console pretty much dialed in after the second group song - with a couple tweaks here and there to compensate for the actors who put on hats during the course of the show. Having a digital desk for this kind of thing was invaluable. I was able to store EQs for those actors in those scenes, so when the lead character puts on a hat, you can have that EQ stored on that channel to compensate. The versatility of being able to program your EQs and dynamics, scene to scene, was amazing."

Jason Choquette - Engineer - The Producer Musical

"It sounds exceptional. Comparing it to digital consoles by other manufacturers at a similar price point, the DiGiCos sound and hardware quality is miles ahead. Having clean preamps is great. Everyone who has seen and used it loves it."

Andy Magee - Technical Knowhow Limited

"We already have a good inventory of DiGiCo consoles and products, so we would have naturally added an SD7 to this in 2008. We were specifically asked to provide one for the Kylie tour we are undertaking and so we have invested a little earlier than planned."

Paul Timmins - Capital Sound

"We did the month-long Julien Arpetti tour and everything we needed was there on the desk. We also used the RME-Madi-Converter and Logic Pro on a Macintosh laptop for recording, so straight away we were doing virtual soundchecks with it. And, of course, it sounded fantastic!"

Georg Feltes - Owner - Musirent

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