• Digital Consoles for
    Live Sound

    DiGiCo consoles are chosen the world over because of their superb sonic performance, combined with ease of use and proven road reliability.

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  • Digital Consoles for HOW

    Houses of Worship require a console solution that provides extreme versatility, is easy to use and has an expandable infrastructure, whilst still providing the best possible audio quality.

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  • Digital Consoles for Broadcast

    Broadcast facilities from the UK to Australia rely on DiGiCo consoles to provide a cost effective solution with enough busses to cope with the most demanding level of submixes and output destinations.

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  • Digital Consoles for Theatre

    Theatre sound mixing is subtly different from other forms of mixing and DiGiCo has consoles that has been specifically adapted for this purpose. As used by Mama Mia, We Will Rock You, Dirty Dancing and many more.

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Digital Mixing Consoles for Live Sound, Theatre and Broadcast

Since 2002, DiGiCo consoles have increasingly become THE choice for professional engineers the world over.

Latest Shows & Installs

Client Testimonials

"The fact that the SD7 has a dual engine as a standard makes it the first digital desk ever to operate with full redundancy, whilst the ability to use plug-ins is an important marketing aspect for our clients."

Patrick Demoustier - Sound Engineer

"When we arrived with the little Red Snapper [DiGiCos working title for the SD9], we got jealous looks from the other engineers and it was easy to find a suitable place in the crowded backstage area between four or five other consoles yet still get the ideal view to the stage. The console has been able to do everything we had expected, including having the MADI port which we can use for recording."

Bernd Kugler - Owner - B R Medientechnik

"After taking a long, hard look at all the digital consoles available, the D5T was the only serious choice. I had used D5Ts and D1 live consoles in the past and liked them very much, so that influenced that decision."

Paul Arditti - Sound Designer for Billy Elliot

"I have had the best result so far with the DiGiCo SD8. It is effortless and actually a joy to mix on. The new stealth digital processor has a noticeably different sound; it has a much more analog sound to it than the other digital consoles I have used. And it really translated the first show - even our lighting director asked me what was different. He noticed a much fatter, thicker sound. The guitars are much thicker, the drums sound much more natural and that was just after the first night!"

Toby Francis - FOH - ZZ Top

"All the visiting engineers were completely happy and at home with the console from moment one"

Diana Memorial Concert

"The best thing about the consoles is how flexible they are. When we were thrown the last minute addition of an 80-piece choir, we were able to adapt and suggest a few different solutions. "

Chris Carlton - Sound Designer/FOH Engineer - Barbra Streisand