• NEW Products for 2015!

    S21 Digital Console

    No processing resource, DSP sharing limitations or compromise from the FPGA audio processing core plus 96Khz from release, with no processing reduction and a super low latency signal path.

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    Orange Box

    Orange Box With DiGiCo's compact 2U Orange Box, you can use DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) cards to create audio paths over whatever interface you desire.

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  • Digital Consoles for HOW

    Houses of Worship require a console solution that provides extreme versatility, is easy to use and has an expandable infrastructure, whilst still providing the best possible audio quality.

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  • Digital Consoles for Broadcast

    Broadcast facilities from the UK to Australia rely on DiGiCo consoles to provide a cost effective solution with enough busses to cope with the most demanding level of submixes and output destinations.

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  • Digital Consoles for Theatre

    Theatre sound mixing is subtly different from other forms of mixing and DiGiCo has consoles that has been specifically adapted for this purpose. As used by Mama Mia, We Will Rock You, Dirty Dancing and many more.

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  • Digital Consoles for
    Live Sound

    DiGiCo consoles are chosen the world over because of their superb sonic performance, combined with ease of use and proven road reliability.

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Digital Mixing Consoles for Live Sound, Theatre and Broadcast

Since 2002, DiGiCo consoles have increasingly become THE choice for professional engineers the world over.
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DiGiCo is famed for utilising the latest digitally driven touch screen technology providing a clear and instantly tactile user interface.

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Support material is available for all DiGiCo products. Please follow the link to read notes and download material available.

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Client Testimonials

"It is simply a mind blowing console. The sound quality is excellent, it is simple to hook up, has superb headroom, smart features..... it was a totally new way for us to work, but at the same time it has a real analogue feel, which is unlike any other digital board."

Rajan Panwar - Owner - Rajan Amplifiers

"The headroom on the SD8-24 is amazing. It is also very easy to work on and the clarity and cleanliness is impressive The band themselves are impressed on the clarity and detail of how each of the mixes is defined."

Luis Irizzary - FOH Engineer - Calle 13

"I like mixing her on the D5. My personal opinion is, as an engineer, tha t you wan t as much information in front of you at any one time as you can possibly have in the live environment. So i t’s good to be able to look at the board and see all your channels in fron t of you."

Chris Pyne - Kylie’s Showgirl tour

"DiGiCo is a brand I have great respect for. Personally, I will not go on a tour without a DiGiCo D5 or D1, and now I can use the SD8, which I really enjoy."

Petr Pelisek - Lucerna Music Bar

"The combination of DiGiCo and XTA means we are always satisfied with the sound quality of our systems!"

Piotr Majewski - 56th Miss World Final

"The SD8-24 at FOH was chosen in particular because of its sonic quality and small footprint. This has allowed us to share smaller FOH spaces with the lighting and video departments, and enabling the promoter to sell more tickets. After using other digital consoles on the market, there is no comparison. We found that the SD8-24 had better sound quality and surface flexibility than any other option available to us. "

Jeff Pitt - FOH Engineer - George Thorogood And The Destroyers

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