• Digital Consoles for
    Live Sound

    DiGiCo consoles are chosen the world over because of their superb sonic performance, combined with ease of use and proven road reliability.

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  • Digital Consoles for HOW

    Houses of Worship require a console solution that provides extreme versatility, is easy to use and has an expandable infrastructure, whilst still providing the best possible audio quality.

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  • Digital Consoles for Broadcast

    Broadcast facilities from the UK to Australia rely on DiGiCo consoles to provide a cost effective solution with enough busses to cope with the most demanding level of submixes and output destinations.

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  • Digital Consoles for Theatre

    Theatre sound mixing is subtly different from other forms of mixing and DiGiCo has consoles that has been specifically adapted for this purpose. As used by Mama Mia, We Will Rock You, Dirty Dancing and many more.

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Digital Mixing Consoles for Live Sound, Theatre and Broadcast

Since 2002, DiGiCo consoles have increasingly become THE choice for professional engineers the world over.

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Client Testimonials

"This cost-effective and consistent package can be replicated anywhere in the world for any ESPN broadcast events."

Chris Fichera

"I am so careful about what I choose to use as my tools and the whole reason that I use the DiGiCo boards... because I know they are going to sound the best. In fact, I have never chosen anything else on a production run for the last 7 years."

Kevin Madigan - FOH Engineer - Crosby And Nash

"The SD11 was the perfect answer. I also liked the fact that, even though it’s so compact, the SD11 works the same as all the other SD desks. So once you know one of them, you know the others too."

Gert Vreys - FOH Engineer - Geike Arnaert

"Having a dedicated board in particular the space-conscious, feature-packed and great sounding DiGiCo SD8 made a huge difference."

Scott Ramsay - Broadcast Support - KROQ

"The SD8 is quite amazing when considering power versus space. It gave us very clear output and full coverage in a 40m room with no effort. I find it the easiest desk to use and, on the night, the band rolled up late, so we skipped sound check. I got the 15-piece band going in three minutes using the SD8. You could never do that with an analogue desk! The touch screen menus make everything so direct and easy and re-arranging outputs is too easy. It also sounds brillianT."

Caleb Doherty - FOH Engineer - Alive Technologies

"The D1 was the closest thing to an analog console I had found. It does absolutely everything I need, and has exactly just the right amount of processing on it. The surface is very intuitive and is a joy to mix on."

Matt LaVoice - Monitor Engineer - Billy Idol

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