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Since the inception of DiGiCo in 2002, we have developed a simple system approach for our products. This incorporates an integrated audio engine, operating system and dual power supplies combined within the console worksurface, a digital snake and remote control studio quality pre amps. This increases reliability and alleviates the need for multiple, complex connections. DiGiCo is famed for utilising the latest digitally driven touch screen technology providing a clear and instantly tactile user interface.



Put a rocket in your DiGiCo console

DiGiCo's range of mixing consoles already sets the world standard. The implementation of a Stealth Core 2 upgrade will take take them into the stratosphere. Über-friendly in use, a Stealth Core 2 upgrade delivers even a barrage of enhancements that will keep your investment safe well into the future.


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Take the time to see what our users say about DiGiCo...

As a sound engineer, there is no way I would have attempted this without some sort of digital help.

Gary Langan - War Of The Worlds

When looking for a digital console that was between - a very large format and a smaller console there are not as many choices as you would think. DiGiCo was the perfect solution. And they were extremely proactive in working with us to accommodate our needs for the TV market.

Bob Dixon , NBC Olympic Games

DiGiCo also has a great habit of bringing out exciting new features in every software update. It makes the older consoles feel very up to date

Anders Molund - SoundForce Scandinavia AB

We chose to go for the D5 and D1 Live with fibre optic split because of DiGiCo's excellent reputation.

Thunder Audio - Garbage

Speaking as a monitor engineer the speed of getting to a graphic is very important. Both the SD7 and SD8 can get to a graphic quicker than anything else I have ever used. Using the Solo displays insert function the GEQ immediately appears on the centre screen and then it is just a matter of touching the one you want and they appear on the faders in front of you... Genius

Seamus Fenton - Monitor Engineer - Elvis The Concert

The gig itself was sure challenging, not only because of the venue, but also as FOH was actually 20m [approx 66 ft] stage right! Luckily having used the SD7 for so long with The Killers, doing a challenging show like that was more like flying a chopper with its trim balanced!

James Gebhard - FOH Engineer - The Killers
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